Friday, August 23, 2013

Crazy, Busy, Sad, Happy.

That is the best description I could come up with for the way 2013 has gone. I am a little shocked that August is almost over! I am also a little shocked that I have not posted on this blog since November of last year -- OOPS! I have several books that I need to write reviews on so look for those to get here soon as they are WAY overdue!  I am going to see if I can just give a quick recap of our year in one post!

Crazy - Our oldest finished his first year of Junior High which included basketball games and track meets! He also became a teenager this year!  (So far this having a teenager thing is no big deal - except maybe for the grocery bill!) Hard to believe that the first day of school next year will include one starting High School!  Our baby finished First Grade and is now in 2nd, he reads like a maniac - something he inherited from both parents! We celebrated our 9th Wedding anniversary - looking forward to #10!!

Busy - During the school year it felt like I was constantly running from one thing to the next, I thought (incorrectly) that it would slow down when Summer started. Then there was swimming lessons, weight training & basketball for the eldest, my niece visiting from Washington, 3 birthdays, work, farm stuff, moving, Farmer's Market, and the list goes on!! School has started again and it's not too crazy yet but there will be FFA stuff, basketball, Scholar's Bowl, and who knows what else! I am now on the Library Board here in our city and we are almost done with the renovations and getting ready to open, I have been to more meetings this year than I ever thought possible!

Sad - We walked through something with friends that I never imagined would happen. Their precious baby girl was born with severe Hydrocephalous, only 11 other cases in the World as severe as hers. She was born in January and I got to meet her when she wasn't even a day old, I fell in love immediately. When she was 6 weeks old they had to decide to either do a very risky surgery or allow her to slowly die. Obviously neither of these options were ones that they wanted to have to choose but they wanted to give her the best chance at life. On February 19, she had the surgery and things were going very well but then suddenly they weren't. We had to say goodbye to a precious little one we were just getting to know.  She impacted so many lives in her short 6 weeks here on Earth and her momma & daddy have too as they have trusted,  and are still trusting God as He guides them through this time in their life.

Just a few short weeks after saying goodbye to Grace I also had to say goodbye to a man who had been a close family friend for my whole life. He and his wife had been another set of parents to me and he passed away very suddenly. My parents have lost a few friends this year and the reality that life is short here on Earth is one that is becoming very real to me.

It is difficult to go right from sad to happy, but so many good things have happened this year also. We have been richly blessed!

Happy - Without a doubt the biggest happy thing this year was that we became homeowners! This was a first for us and a crazy process! We really had not been looking to buy a house nor were we really ready (is anyone really ever ready for a big thing like that?). I was becoming very frustrated with our lack of space in our rental even though it was bigger than what we had previously had. One day my mom said, let's go look at this house for sale I just have this feeling about it every time we go by. So we looked at it and fell in love! It was a long (for us, though not sure it was really that long to anyone else!) process and definitely frustrating at times! Though as  I sit here today I realize that all the blood, sweat & tears we put into it were so worth it! Having our OWN home and all this wonderful space is awesome. The moving part was not happy, SO thankful for friends, family & church family that helped us through it!

That is pretty much this year in a nutshell! I am going to try to get back in the blogging habit, especially because I want to do more book reviews - I miss reading!!

Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to enjoy some time with your family &/or friends!!