Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just a quick check in!

Life has been pretty busy around here lately with a certain young man having a birthday (my baby is 7!) and work and just keeping up with life! I am just making a quick post now as I have to work soon, but wanted to share something with you! I had mentioned previously that I have lost some weight during a cleanse and before that due to some medication I am taking. At the end of the cleanse I had lost 20 pounds, just during the cleanse and then 25 before that! I have also lost since the end of the cleanse! I FEEL so much better! I have more energy and just overall feel better. I have dropped 2 clothing sizes and it feels so good to pick up an 18 instead of a 22(these are not misses sizes but plus sizes, I am in a 20 misses. Women's sizes are such a confusing mess!). Yes I just told the whole internet world what size clothes I wear (my mom will probably be totally appalled!), but it is 2 sizes smaller than where I was and it feels awesome! I made a little weight loss ticker so I could see my progress, it also calculates my BMI, which is down 7 points!  Once I hit the halfway point from my highest weight this year to my goal weight (5 more pounds!) I am going to buy myself a pair of boots I have been drooling over. Not something I would normally purchase so it is definitely a splurge but I would rather have new boots than a food reward (my old usual reward for whatever).

Pretty awesome to me that I have made that much of a difference in less than a year! I am hoping that in one more year I will be at my goal weight! It didn't come on quickly and I don't expect it to come off quickly! We are doing low-carb now and it is pretty easy, especially when compared to how restrictive the cleanse was! I am always looking for new low-carb recipes so please feel free to share any with me! I am also working to stay away from preservatives and fake sugars, using only stevia now. Making my family healthier a day at a time!!

The ticker currently says my BMI is 33.3 and my loss is 47.8, this will change as I enter in my weight on a weekly basis so I wanted o record the current data here on this post.

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