Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekly Goals - July 9 - 15

Oh boy, it has been TOO long since I have done my weekly goals! My house is showing it too, I am way behind on things. Silly me, I had thought with Summer here life would slow down for a bit. I could not have been more wrong! It is only a little over a month before school starts again!

I just sent G off to camp for another week, hard to believe he is old enough for Jr. High camp! I am a little worried he will come back an inch taller and have outgrown his shoes again. Back in April I posted hat G was wearing men's size 9 shoes, in June I had to buy him size 10! Ack! He is growing like crazy and I don't see a break from that anytime in the near future!

Weekly Goals July 9-15

Family/Mothering Goals

1. Put on the calendar fun things to do as a family once a week for the next month (then do this weeks!)

2.  Show Bill how much I appreciate him on a daily basis

Personal Goals
3. Read my Bible, work on a Study at least 20 minutes a day

Home Management
4. Go to bed with all dishes done and any laundry put away

5. Go through piles in living room and put things where they go

6. Menu plan for the next 2 weeks

Business Goals
7. Make a list of items I would like to have on hand

8. Work on Farmer's Market stuff for the 21st so I don't stress next week!

Garden Goals
9. Water & Weed every day, harvesting as needed!

10. Can apricot, peach and strawberry jam and hopefully some okra!

This feels like a good list that will really help me get back on track but still take care of the most important things! Have a blessed week!

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