Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's been a Pinteresting month around here!

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee! I know that I have posted about Pinterest before but I just love it more & more all the time.  I am using it as a place to organize the things I want to try. A few weeks ago I found some activities for my boys to do this summer so we don't all lose our minds! I have a board called Kid Stuff where I have activities, snacks, and crafts that I think my boys will enjoy. Another thing I found on Pinterest this week was a list of 65 read aloud books for BOYS I am hoping to read at least 2 this summer with the kids.

I have become such an addict that I have even created a board called Things I have made that I pinned so that I can keep track of what we have tried. I am excited to say it is filling up quickly!

Take a look at this beauty that I made for my cousin's wedding: (photo by my amazingly talented husband - it is a copyrighted image)

I used this recipe for the cake, with a few changes (and a LOT of trial & error) and it turned out amazing! It was nice and dense but at the same time perfectly moist! For the frosting I totally ditched my tried & true recipe and method, and after the cake disasters trials it was a little scary. Never have I been so happy I tried something new! I found a video tutorial on how to make the buttercream frosting look perfectly smooth, then I followed the link on her page to the buttercream recipe. The frosting is amazing, I used a clear Mexican vanilla and it just made it perfect!

I also got to make a cute, teeny-tiny outfit for the honorary ring bearer who was 3 weeks old at the wedding - and oh so tiny & perfect!! It was inspired by this onesie, and I made pants from this pattern and they were super quick & easy! Here is how it came out:

So adorable!! Obviously Pinterest has become a great place for me to find new things to try! A couple of days ago I made a new salad to go with our pizza and then tried a new ice cream recipe using root beer - tasted just like a root beer float! There are so many other things I have already made and many, many more that I want to try on Pinterest. Top on my list go things to try is making a maxi dress like this.  I have fallen in love with maxi dresses, which is odd since I'm just not a big fan not dresses or skirts. Hopefully I will be able to try it in the next couple of weeks.

Be looking for another book review soon, I have completely devoured the newest fiction book I was sent. Still working my way through a spiritual growth book also. Reading has been a great way to pass some of these 106 plus degree days here! Stay cool!

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