Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekly Goals March 12

I realize I am a day behind but things never really go as planned here! Had a crazy busy weekend hanging out with my awesome cousin who is getting married in June! We worked on a couple of things for the wedding and a fun project for a baby shower she is doing. Went to G's dodgeball game, did some thrift shopping, went to church, did lots of laundry and just kept busy! Yesterday the school called and I had to go pick up G with a stomach ache and bad sinus headache. Took him to the Dr because he had been up late Friday with the same symptoms and found out he had a sinus infection and the mucous was causing the stomach pain. So now he is on antibiotics and hanging out at home today!

On to the Weekly Goals! I did not get 7 things crossed off last weeks list but considering the week was a bit crazy I am happy to mark a few things off. I am also seeing some things on my list that I seem to be having trouble with so I am going to change things up this week and see if that makes it more do-able.

Family/Mothering Goals
1.  Read a chapter a night with the kids in Hank the Cowdog - The Case of the Booby-Trapped Pickup
2. Write a letter to our Compassion child, Maikol
3. Make an effort to look nice for my hubby when he gets home
Personal Goals
4. Be active/exercise 20 minutes a day
5. Blog 2 times, not including this post
6. Re-read chapters 1 & 2 in  A Woman's Guide to Overcoming Depression and make some notes!
Home Management
7. Get dining room de-cluttered and ready to move in new desk. - not all the way done, but progress was made!
8. Plan 2 weeks of menus - focusing on becoming more low-carb
9. Make a cleaning schedule I can stick to
Business Goals
10. Create 2 items to sell and post on business page -Karla Creative  - I have a kitchen item and a baby set that I am wanting to make, just need to make the time!

Here are this weeks goals:

Family/Mothering Goals
1. Get back to doing Family Game Night once a week!

2. Have one-on-one time with each of the boys

3. Be purposeful about doing things Bill will appreciate on a daily basis

Personal Goals
4. Go for a walk 4 times this week

5. Blog at least 2 times

Home Management
7. Get dining room de-cluttered and ready to move in new desk.

8. Work on getting Household Binder in order

9. Get out the kids' spring clothes, make a list of anything they need

Business Goals
10. Get tax information ready to go

Going to see if this will be a little easier for me to follow. Previously there were some things I thought would be great for us (or me) to do as a family but just weren't a great fit for us. This is a learning process for me and I am going to figure it out at some point!

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