Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thrifty Thursday March 22nd

We have had FOUR consecutive days of rain here. Which I am thankful for, just not quite as thankful that it has been during Spring Break.  I did send the boys out today while it was drizzling to find worms, they were able to get 9 of them! 

Yesterday my oldest (G) and I went thrift shopping with a friend of mine and her 3 boys. That's right 2 women, 4 boys (ages 9-13) and 5 thrift stores. We totally rocked it. Oh and lunch at Taco Bell so that 3 of the boys could try the new Doritos tacos (6 thumbs up). We tried out a couple of new stores and went to three of our faves.  I had a list of a few things that I was looking for and found quite a few of them! 

One thing I ALWAYS look for is canning jars. Yesterday I found the 9 on the right of the pic, the still wrapped case of jelly jars on the left was found by my cousin today at a yard sale for $2! I never pay more than 75¢ for the large jars or 50¢ for the small jars, any more than that and it's better to buy them new.  The ice chest is something I have been wanting to have in my van, for shopping trips and vacations. We live about 15 minutes from a large grocery store and in the summer that is a long way with refrigerated/frozen goods. I payed a whopping $4 for that ice chest and spent about 15 minutes cleaning it up! I also picked up a couple of Christian novels at 50¢ a piece, which after I read I will sell at our garage sale! 

With boys who outgrow and outplay their clothes, it is much smarter of me to pick up clothes for $1-$2 each then to spend more and have to replace them anyhow! The Angry Birds shirt was the most exciting find of the day, it's for my 6 year old (D) who totally loves it! I also picked up a pair of Transformer undies for him and a pair of almost new Old Navy jeans a size bigger. For G, I was able to find a pair of Old Navy denim shorts, 2 pairs of athletic shorts and a pair of Reebok wind pants. None of these items were more than $2 and all are in great shape.

The items on the left are what I got for me! Not shown is the Victorias Secret over the shoulder boulder holder I picked up for 95¢! Two pairs of jeans, at least one of which will become capris. A Minnie Mouse shirt that says "Don't even go there" and a plain black tee which is destined to become awesome. The large Jayhawk on the left is a KU snuggie that my 11 year old purchased with his own money. I looked up how much they run and it is between $20 - $30, he paid $3.50. My son is so awesome! 

All in all it was a very successful day! Not to mention the fun we had hanging out with friends! My little man also had a great day hanging out with my mom, he LOVES his Grammy!  Does anyone else love thrift shopping as much as I do? I just love the thrill of the hunt and finding a gem in among the rest of the stuff!

I am looking forward to hanging out with some gals tomorrow night, I am ready for some estrogen in my life! I love my boys but sometimes I just need to hang around some women! 

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE thrifting and do it in whatever city I visit.... My great buy for the week was a 55-60 dollar beautiful long Christmas dress with crinoline that I got for $10!!!! (It's a size and a half bigger so my grand daughter can grow into it by then)Two weeks ago I scored her a Lands End double layer winter coat for $5!!! Glad you had fun AND saved money at the same time! Ann