Friday, February 24, 2012

Minivan Momma and a Thrifty Thursday!

We have been making it work with one vehicle since May of last year and I am happy to say that we are once again a 2 vehicle family! Woo Hoo!! I have been having to rely on my parents a lot to get the kids back & forth to school and to run errands. I am SO thankful that they have been willing to help, I have the best parents ever!!

I am once again a minivan momma! We were able to get a great deal (thanks to my dad & a family friend) on a 2002 Honda Odyssey and I LOVE it! It will be nice for traveling, as there is so much room and the boys won't be all over each other!!

I started thinking yesterday about how I would like to start a weekly post called Thrifty Thursday. You will never guess what day I am going to do it! Well, this week it won't be Thursday but I am going to do it anyhow!

I absolutely LOVE a good deal. Whether it is from couponing, finding a deal through a local Buy, Sell, Trade site or at a Thrift store!!  I may not always have something new to post, but chances are I will!!

Last week I wandered into our local Goodwill, it is really hit & miss there and they have raised their prices. I was able to pick up a pair of Levi's for my oldest for $2 and another pair of jeans in a bigger size that were just too nice to pass up, also $2. Snagged a Mario tee for my youngest and a KC Royals tee for a little dude I get to watch sometimes, each $1. While those were good deals, the best ones (to me) were the "Guess Who" game that was like new and the coffee carafe that matches my dish pattern, each $2!!  I also have a discount card that gets me 10% off at Goodwill!  I have been wanting to get Guess Who for a long time but I am just too cheap to pay $15 for the game.

Earlier this week I happened to find a gal in the area, through a Buy, Sell, Trade on Facebook, who was selling some dishes & pieces of the same pattern I have. I was able to get a platter, napkin holder, sugar & creamer set - all of which I didn't have - and 5 plates, 7 cereal bowls, and a serving bowl all for $10! That pattern is no longer available so when I can find things I try to get them.

Our Kroger grocery store is holding a good sale right now so I'm hoping to snag a few good deals with my coupons this weekend! Good deals I will be able to load in the large area my new van provides me with!!

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