Monday, February 20, 2012

Becoming a Goalie

One of my favorite blogs ever,  Money Saving Mom, has been posting 10 weekly goals and has inspired me to do the same! I am always trying to become more organized in my life and in my house and I think this will really help me get there! I am a big list maker anyhow because I love to be able to cross things off as I accomplish them! So for my first week here is my goal list:

My 10 goals for the week of February 19-25

Family/Mothering Goals

1. Find a book to read as a family and read a chapter a night.

2. Write a letter to our Compassion child, Maikol.

3. Make an effort to look good for my husband when he arrives home from work!

Personal Goals

4. Walk at least one mile a day, every day.

5. Blog 2 times this week. (Halfway done!)

6. Start reading A Woman's Guide to Overcoming Depression

Home Management

7. Go through my 6 year old's room and de-clutter!

8. Make Whole Wheat Pita Bread

9. Wind all yarn into balls and organize it. (Taught myself how to crochet a couple of weeks ago!)

Business Goals

10. Create 2 items to sell and post on business page - Karla Creative

I feel like these are all attainable goals for my first week! I do plan on making the goals more challenging eventually, but for now I am looking forward to crossing each & every one of those off of my list!

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