Monday, July 18, 2011

I am a Wanna Be Farm Girl

Now I am not a sissy and generally not afraid of critters. However, I am pretty sure a REAL Farm Girl would not have shrieked as I did at the sight of this:

Yep, that little thing scared the living daylights out of me!!  Obviously I'm going to have to work on that fear of snakes if I'm going to be a real Farm Girl someday.

I am getting the hang of the gardening thing though. My parents & I planted a good size garden out on our land this year. It is SO much work but it is also so very worth it! We had some fantastic onions and may do more if the weather ever cools off. We also had red & gold potatoes, they have all been dug up but not yet used up. I have made some into frozen hashbrowns and also froze some in cubes for potato salad, a favorite around here! Currently in the garden we have some beautiful cucumber plants that are just beginning to produce, in fact I picked the first one last night!

It was delicious! Nothing better than fresh from the garden veggies! Soon we will also have bell peppers, we have 3 large plants and another 5 that are smaller and struggling a bit in this heat. I was excited to see these last night also!

We have a ridiculous number of tomato plants, I think somewhere around 30, good thing we love maters huh? Gardening has really brought out my inner Farm Girl as I have enjoyed working the ground and seeing the amazing results of the work we put in! My oldest has also been a great help with the garden and is turning into quite the Farm Boy, in particular he is a great donkey wrangler.  What is a donkey wrangler? Someone who has the ability to get these naughty little donkeys (say that in a bad British accent - it's much more fun) back into their pen after they have been out grazing.

The darker one is Boomer, he is the naughtiest of the two. The lighter one is Tanner and he is much more of a lover and more inclined to obey. Tanner will often come up to me and push his nose against my leg hinting that he wants some love! I was wishing for my donkey wrangler the other day when I spent an hour trying to coerce these little donks to get back in their pen. It was probably already 100 degrees out and I was running after donkeys, not a good combo. Needless to say I haven't let them out to graze since then!

We have had so many triple digit days here already and scheduled for several more yet and no rain in sight, things are drying up left & right. Including ponds. Including our pond. We had to try to rescue as many fish as we could before it completely dried up and we were able to save a lot of beautiful catfish, bluegills and some bass. It is just heartbreaking though to now see that pond empty. That pond where my grandma taught me to fish, where we had many picnics, celebrated my oldest son's first birthday, and so many other memories. I am thankful for all the wonderful memories I have, and that those won't dry up in this heat!

Maybe some day I will be able to call myself a real Farm Girl, but for now I am perfectly happy being a Wanna Be!

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